“The Past Dictates the Future” Finale Analysis – Part One

26 03 2018

The Little White Mask Blog

CoopWritten by Eden H. Roquelaire for Twin Peaks Freaks.

Disclaimer: Contains spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Return.

The two-part finale for Twin Peaks: The Return left many fans reeling, whether thrilled or dismayed. It’s taken a long time to process it, but now that I think I have some solid theories to present to you, let’s not waste any more time, and jump right into my analysis of Part 17, with a separate article analyzing Part 18 to come.

The episode begins where we left off with Gordon, Tammy, and Albert after the disappearance of the Diane Tulpa. Gordon has a moment of exposition so that he can retcon the ending of Season 2. He talks about Judy, who’s actually Jowday, and Phillip Jeffries’ involvement with her, or it. This leads to some seeming inconsistencies with the way Judy is referenced in Fire Walk With Me and 

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“What is Your Name?” – Finale Analysis – Part 2

26 03 2018

The Little White Mask Blog

Written by Eden H. Roquelaire for Twin Peaks Freaks.

Disclaimer: Contains spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Return, all episodes. But you really shouldn’t be shocked by that.

The final episode of The Return was met with much controversy, with some heralding it as visionary, and others left feeling angry and cheated. Undoubtedly there were many vagaries and gray areas that people have been pondering ever since. Without further ado, let’s delve into the mysteries lying within Part 18 of Twin Peaks: The Return.


Cooper’s Doppelganger sits in the Black Lodge, stiff, his eyes milky, his body smoldering and engulfed in flames, yet unburnt. He is trapped back in the Lodge and being punished for attempting to avoid returning to the Lodge, as his fate was meant to be by some unknown decree. Meanwhile, MIKE uses electricity to make a copy of Dougie from Cooper.

An important thing…

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Retrospective: The Star Wars Prequels – A Defense

25 03 2018

24 Frames


“I don’t want things to change.”

“But you can’t stop the change, not anymore than you can stop the suns from setting.”

In the history of cinema, there has been no series of films that has matched the power of Star Wars. Begun in 1977, George Lucas’ space fantasy made a lasting impact on not only the popular culture, but also on the way in which films are made. Lucas took influences from an abundance of sources, from Joseph Campbell, Flash Gordon, Akira Kurosawa and many others, and created a vision that was uniquely his own. It is perhaps the most widely beloved cinematic series in history, and with the forthcoming release this December of the seventh film, The Force Awakens, anticipation has almost never been higher.

That “almost” is in reference to 1999, when Star Wars made its last cinematic comeback after a sixteen year absence from theaters. The dawn…

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The Empire Strikes Back Is a Perfectly Symmetrical Film

21 03 2018

Deja Reviewer

Anakin Skywalker was prophesied to bring balance to the Force, and it looks like he did in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. This film, which many hail as the best of the original trilogy, is an example of a cinematic chiasmus. All of the events of the first half of the film are repeated in the second half in the opposite order, creating a beautifully symmetrical film.

The first example of cinematic chiasmus that I shared was the original RoboCop. That film had a single flaw that kept it from being a perfect chiasmus. The Empire Strikes Back has no such flaws. It is perfectly symmetrical, just like the two halves of the Force. Perhaps this is meant to highlight the Light and Dark Sides of the Force, especially when you see the turning point.

Let’s dive in and see the breathtaking symmetry of

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