Geek Art: “Aliens” by Timothy Pittides

18 05 2017

We Geek Girls

Grey Matter Art is excited to announce their next release! In partnership with Acme Archives and Dark Ink, under license from 20th Century Fox, GMA will be revealing a new screen print for the film, “Aliens” by the very talented artist, Timothy Pittides.

Below are details regarding the poster and release information.


Artist: Timothy Pittides

Size: 24×36

Edition: 150/$45.00

Printed By: VG Kids

They have always been huge fans of the Alien franchise, director, James Cameron and H.R. Giger, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how this print came out. Also, they wanted to include a picture of Tim’s original charcoal work, so everyone can see his process from rough to the final image.

Tim’s artist’s statement regarding “Aliens”:

” ALIENS. One of the first three movies I remember seeing in the theaters (alongside Dick Tracy and Nightmare on Elm Street 3). It is a fond…

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