10 Cloverfield Lane

24 03 2017

Star Trek Beyond

20 03 2017

Star Trek Into Darkness

13 03 2017

Misses a couple of my favorite shots/moments, including the film’s most “controversial” one; actually one of its best comic/character moments) but a great job handling a very layered and multileveled movie that is also beautifully edited.


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Warner Bros & Legendary Take The Poster Posse To “Kong: Skull Island”

6 03 2017


“An uncharted island in the South Pacific, a place where myth and science meet….”


We are big fans of The Poster Posse, “the art agency that makes #highlydesirableart for the movies you are dying to see.” We’ve featured their alternative movie posters several times on the site and on Friday, they revealed seven posters from their official collaboration with Warner Bros. and Legendary for a film we can’t WAIT to see, “Kong: Skull Island.

This reboot of the franchise is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and touts a stellar cast including: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, and John C Reilly.  It’s an action-packed, no holds barred, thrill ride that utterly brings Kong to a whole new generation of fans and cements his place in present day mythology.  Here is a look at all the pieces from The Poster Posse’s official collaboration for

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Star Trek

6 03 2017

Great choices of frames. Really catches the style and liveliness of the film. Bring on INTO DARKNESS (my personal favorite of the 3 “Bad Robot”/Kelvin-time line movies).


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The Art of Princess Leia Tribute

4 03 2017

Beautiful art work.

Geek Carl

You will know Craig Drake is a name synonymous with MilnersBlog, as I’m such a massive fan of his Patrick Nagel ‘Pop Culture’ style of visualisation and stunning palette of Geekologie inspired art, which firmly embraces film culture. But there’s one film character he’s featured more than any other, the late Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars character Princess Leia, which he respectfully showcased on his Facebook page after her passing.

Such a fitting tribute to the passing of Carrie Fisher who once said “No matter how I go, I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.” The Star Wars world lost another star with her passing.

Craig Drake’s fitting homage for his former employee, Lucasfilm shows no sign of abating with his recently released work.

And some up-and-coming work which I’m sure we’ll see at Star Wars Celebration 2017.

I’ve also stumbled across some of his classic ‘early’…

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Art Gallery 2

4 03 2017

image-w1280.jpgstar-wars5-movie-screencaps.com-11194 (1).jpgraiders_of_the_lost_ark___version_2__by_colonelflagg-dauzpa5.jpgfuture_romance_by_colonelflagg-d7o0v69.jpgthe_swamp_by_colonelflagg.jpgjaws_by_colonelflagg.jpgms__lange_by_colonelflagg-d4fl0hx.jpgnine_and_a_half_by_colonelflagg-daarokw.jpglawrence_of_arabia_by_colonelflagg.jpgfinest_kind_by_colonelflagg.jpgkirk__spock_and_mccoy_by_colonelflagg.jpgyou_re_on_my_corner__luther_by_colonelflagg-d97qym1.jpg