Homicide, Life on the Street – TV Series

18 07 2015


Before The Wire, there was Homicide !

Homicide, Life on the Street is a Baltimore-based TV police drama series (1993-1999, 7 seasons) created by Paul Attanasio, a cinema scriptwriter who worked onQuiz Show, DisclosureDonnie Brasco,The Sum of All Fears and The Good German. More recently, he was also an executive producer on David Shore’s House M.D.

Homicide, Life on the Street is based on a book called Homicide, A Year on the Killing Streets by author David Simon, (an ex- crime reporter from Baltimore), the man behind The Corner, The Wireand Treme !

Here are some hi-res promo pictures of Homicide, Life on the Street, starring Richard Belzer as Detective John Munch (also seen on Law & Order SVU), Clark Johnson, Yaphet Kotto, Kyle Secor, Andre Braugher, Melissa Leo, Isabella Hofmann,

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3 07 2015